Nedim Katgi, Music Director

     Born in Istanbul in 1955, Katgi graduated from Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory in 1980. He worked as an assistant professor at the same academic institute between 1980 and 1983. With his own created band Otobüs Yolcuları (Bus Passengers), he worked with many artists and earned professional music awards. Nedim Katgı and his orchestra performed with the popular singers and of Turkey throughout the years. Katgi has been teaching music to children at the American Ataturk School for 30 years and continues his professional music career with local and international artists in live performances. His passion in Turkish Classical Music brought him into establishing New York Ataturk Chorus in 2008. Katgi has been training, coaching and directing the chorus since its foundation.  Katgi's philosophy is to provide those who love to sing with the opportunity to learn and perform a variety of exceptional Turkish music under professional directorship. 


Chorus Members

      Under Katgi's direction, New York Ataturk Chorus rehearses year-round on a regular basis and performs in concert venues. The Chorus is comprised entirely of excellent volunteer singers all of whom live in New York City area. Most members have had previous music training and choir experience.  Every year the chorus welcomes new members with passion to music. We work with talented musicians who play traditional Turkish instruments such as kanoon, oud, kemence, clarinet and darbuka. Some of the musicians that we work with include Ara Dinkjian, Yuri Yunakov, Hakan Inan, Poyraz Aldemir, Senol Kucuk, Cenap Turk, Tamer Pinarbasi and Umut Yasmut.  We are always searching creative ways to make music with musicians who play different instruments and infuse different genres and sounds into Turkish music. 


Board Members

  • Nedim Katgi, President
  • Ulku Rowe, Vice President
  • Ilknur San, Treasurer
  • Figen Karaer Ertas, Secretary
  • Ahu Yildirmaz
  • Hakan Inan